6 Tips to Make Online Learning More Effective

Online Learning

6 Tips to Make Online Learning More Effective

We have said it in the past: online studying has far more benefits than you can think of. Not only does it allows you to enroll in classes from the comfort of your home or office, in any university or academy around the world, but it gives you the flexibility needed to keep your full-time job and balance your personal commitments.  

Yet, you do need to be prepared for the responsibility you are taking. Remember, just because it is online, it does not mean that it is going to be less demanding. You will have to attend class, and you will have to deliver your assignment on time. You will have to spend hours studying and practicing. You have to work to earn your degree or certification.  

At CyberWarrior, we have had a year full of online Bootcamps, and we have seen our students approach online learning in so many different ways that we decided to come up with a list of tips that will help you get the most value out of this experience. 

1- Create an Exclusive Space for Studying 

Just because you are taking this program from home, it does not mean that you can just lay on the couch while listening to the instructor. Having an exclusive space to study will help your brain understand what you should do: pay attention to classes.  

Make sure you have a desk with all the things you need (laptop, good Wi-Fi connection, notebook, and pen, etc.), a comfortable chair that rests your back, natural light, and most importantly, ask your roommates or family to respect it as a “quiet zone.”  

2- Schedule Online Learning Time and Breaks 

One of the best and worst things about an online class is that you have the freedom to do things at the time that best fits you. It will be no problem for those who master time management skills, but things can get messy for those who lack them.  

We suggest that you block time on your weekly calendar to attend classes, study and practice, complete your assignments, and, just as important, take a break. Try to stick to certain hours per week; making it a routine will help.  

Set reminders in your phone and calendar so that you don’t forget that you have something coming up that needs to be done.  

3- Actively Participate in Classes and Discussions 

Don’t let the fear of public speaking keep you from participating in classes. Make sure you ask all the questions you might have while the instructor is online, check with your classmates when doing an assignment, share a comment in the online forum, or post an interesting link. Not only will this help you retain more information, but consider it as the first step towards creating connections that will help you in your professional life.  

4- Set Achievable Goals for Online Learning

When taking online classes, you need to be responsible for completing your assignments on time. You won’t have anyone reminding you to do them. Our word of advice is to set some weekly goals of what you want to accomplish and set some long-term goals. For example, if you should earn a specific certification during this program, make sure you set a deadline for when you want to take the test and pass it.  

This will help you be more organized, understand what you are supposed to be working on, and avoid leaving all the work at the last minute.  

5- Maintain Healthy Habits 

We know you are working full time and studying, but that does not mean that you will forget about your family and friends, about your body and your health. You need to make sure that you spend time every day exercising, putting your mind to rest, and enjoying time away from your desk.  

Consider these moments as energy boosters. Just be mindful about the time you dedicate to work, studying, and relaxing.  

6- Work on Your Network 

At CyberWarrior Academy, we are true believers in the power of good networking. The people who study and work with you are the ones who truly understand what you are capable of doing, and they are the ones who will hire or recommend you for a job. They are the ones who will open the doors for you.  

So don’t let online classes keep you from getting to know the other students, even the instructors. Connect with them in private chats, help them when they need it, approach them when you have questions.  

Online learning is here to stay. You have to find what tips and tricks work best for you and choose a program that fits your needs.  


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