4 Benefits of Penetration Testing

by | Feb 24, 2022

Since last year, most companies have had to switch to remote working, which means that they have had to adapt technologies such as Virtual Private Network (VPN) or communication platforms for their companies to work properly. If risks were not taken into account, all these implementations could be exposing the company to a possible cyber-attack. Cyber-attacks on companies are becoming more and more common. No matter the size, type, or nature of your company, there is a very high probability that, at some point, it will be the victim of a cyber-attack.

It is vital to identify your company’s weaknesses, how a cyber attacker can take advantage of them, and how you can fix them. To do all this, you can make use of a cybersecurity service such as a penetration test.

Here are four benefits of Regular Penetration Testing

1. Identify vulnerabilities in your systems

There is no one totally secure system. Every time you implement a system, it is very likely that you will have a vulnerability in it. The benefit of doing a penetration test is that you put yourself in the place of a cyber attacker. You can find the vulnerabilities in your system before you suffer a damaging cyber-attack for the company. After finding an exposure, you must think about how to fix that vulnerability.

2. Avoid financial losses

Recovering financially from a cyber-attack can cost you more than you think if you don’t prepare for it. According to Bloomberg, cyber-attacks could exceed US$6 billion by 2021 in damages to businesses. Cybersecurity services as regular penetration testing can prepare you and help you know how to react to cyber-attacks and reduce your financial losses.

3. Identify and manage risks

Scheduling a penetration test regularly allows you to know the risks found in all the systems in your company, be it web applications, your network, or other systems. Penetration testing can help you understand what your risks are and how you can manage them by applying the right actions as appropriate, i.e., you can know whether to accept the risk, mitigate it, or transfer it.

4. Increase customer trust

A company with a good reputation in cybersecurity is always reliable for customers. No matter what type of company it is, information security is paramount. Cybersecurity services, such as regularly performing penetration testing, can help you increase your company’s safety and, at the same time, increase the confidence of your customers because you are constantly looking at how you can prevent a cyber attacker from attacking your systems to protect your customers’ information.

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