Technology as a Force for Good

CyberWarrior Academy was created to help solve the critical shortage of talent in cybersecurity.  Our designers and instructors are cybersecurity practitioners and  industry recognized white-hat hackers and our curriculum is created and delivered by them, with the mission of creating the next generation of cybersecurity warriors.  We also recognize the opportunity as a social enterprise and workforce development team to broaden opportunities to people from all walks of life to take part in this economy.

Why do we do it?

Advoqt Consulting, CyberWarrior Academy’s parent organization is a social enterprise focused on leveraging Technology as a Force for Good.  Our community investments in STEM education over the past decade are evidence of it.





Why we are different?

CyberWarrior Academy understands the skills need better than legacy training organizations – we are the industry. Our parent and founding company, Advoqt Consulting is a Systems Integrator, Managed Services Provider and Cybersecurity software publisher.  They have the credibility when talking to employers and Cybersecurity leaders, agility and the human capital to be current and relevant. As practitioners, they live the realities and challenges of protecting customers’ sensitive data and critical infrastructure.


To be the leader in cybersecurity training and a key industry resource. Helping companies stay safe, supporting Higher Ed in producing relevant talent to meet today’s business needs and provide opportunities for people from all walks of life with an opportunity to take part in this century’s most exciting and evolving career.


To deliver the most relevant and sought after training and apprenticeship bringing immediate and ongoing value for our clients and stakeholders. We aim to deliver high-performing and diverse talent that understands the complexities and benefits of cybersecurity meeting today and tomorrow’s needs.


Ethics in everything we do. Integrity in our words and deeds. Cybersecurity training that matters for our customers and for the world.

Content is King

Because the landscape of cyber threats changes daily, curricula becomes obsolete quickly. Our key value is our ability to teach students how to conduct pragmatic research and deliver innovative, relevant solutions to what is happening today.

Our programs are delivered interactively so our professionals learn how to constantly adapt to change in real-time to evolving threats, earning industry standard certification but, most importantly, developing skills they will use on the job since day one.

Experience is also King

We have the expertise to deliver a broader and deeper approach to learning. Our program encompasses classroom training (in person and virtual/live), labs, experiential learning, and apprenticeships that will not only provide students with relevant tools, skills and certifications but will also provide companies with the experience they are defining as critical to their security teams.

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