We deliver training and consulting for some of the world’s top brands and partnered with national systems integrators to augment their teams with our expertise.

Reduce Your Risk of Cyber Threats

CyberWarrior helps reduce your risk with the training, services, and the flexibility your team needs to scale quickly.

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Unique Differentiators

The training is hands-on, and the content is relevant and up-to-date

Our training goes beyond theory and focuses on providing participants with the tools, strategies, and technical experience to solve the most critical issues facing companies today. Students add value to employers on day 1.

Our participants develop strong engagement skills

We recognize that to be a top performer, participants must learn how to be influencers who drive change and possess strong communication skills. Our training delivers professional development.

Our instructors do what they preach

They leverage insights from their cybersecurity consulting engagements to ensure students know how to solve the most critical security issues affecting companies today.


"Based in Massachusetts AND with clients across the United States, we believe a company’s strength comes from its values and its commitment to people, both in business and the community."

- Reinier Moquete (CEO - CyberWarrior)

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