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We help you increase job placement rates!

CyberWarrior Academy partners with public and private educational institutions to fill in training gaps and to secure jobs for students. We ensure your graduates are “market-ready” and then connect them with our network of employers.

  • Partnerships with academic institutions are fully customized.
  • We leverage our corporate network for career advancement and mentorship.
  • Program Is built for people looking to transition into Cybersecurity.
  • Training is delivered by world-class security engineers and ethical hackers.
  • Students will be prepared and qualified for the cybersecurity industry

Make CyberWarrior Academy part of your portfolio!

Our unique program provides hands-on technical training mapped to the NICE (National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education) framework. The United States Federal Government and its agencies, the National Institute of Standards (NIST), developed NICE as a pathway to define the Cybersecurity skills needed today and relevant jobs.

What will they learn?

Technical Knowledge of Cybersecurity Tools and Technologies

Malware Analysis

Firewalls & IDS Configuration

Vulnerability Management

Security Monitoring

​Packet Analysis

Incident Response

Security Monitoring

Security Automation

Consulting Experience

Career Growth Hacks from Cybersecurity Executives & Subject-Matter Experts

Recognized Industry Credentials

By end of the program, students will have earned industry-leading certifications, such as Network+, Security+, Certified Network Defender (CND), and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) — PLUS our proprietary Certified CyberWarrior certification includes individual certificates for each of our technical courses.

What our graduates are saying

CyberWarrior Academy Changes Lives

"I highly recommend CWA security engineering program because it covers an incredible amount of material and the trainer's knowledge and teaching strategy are excellent. Thanks to CWA, I learned how to address real-world threats and vulnerabilities. I also learned the importance of having a secure IT infrastructure in both personal and work environments"

- Rodley Rene, Information Security Engineer, Partners Healthcare

Academia + CyberWarrior = Better Together. CyberWarrior Academy is the Solution.

Academic programs that require practical project experience done in partnership with the cybersecurity industry are more engaging for an IT student, as they are looking forward to having a practical experience outside the campus.

Academia is speeding up its efforts to create opportunities to foster interdisciplinary collaboration among faculty and develop strong partnerships with the industry. If you’re reading this you’re looking for this too. CyberWarrior Academy is that bridge.

CyberWarrior Academy provides technical training focused on the strategy and execution of cybersecurity competencies critical to protect organizations from top to bottom.

Unique Differentiators

The training is hands-on, and the content is relevant and up-to-date

Our training goes beyond theory and focuses on providing participants with the tools, strategies, and technical experience to solve the most critical issues facing companies today. Students add value to employers on day 1.

Our participants develop strong engagement skills

We recognize that to be a top performer, participants must learn how to be influencers who drive change and possess strong communication skills. Our training delivers professional development.

Our instructors do what they preach

They leverage insights from their cybersecurity consulting engagements to ensure students know how to solve the most critical security issues affecting companies today.


The CyberWarrior Cybersecurity Week in Review is the perfect way to be updated with industry best practices, learn more about the field and be inspired to always push yourself to become a better person and professional.