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CyberWarrior Academy Creates and Upskills Cybersecurity Talent

We deliver hands-on, intensive, and lab driven technical training in cybersecurity methods and procedures, as well as professional and career navigation assistance. The world is facing a chronic shortage of security talent as new technologies and evolving threats increase the level of cyber risk. Existing efforts may not be sufficient to solve the problem.

You can be part of the solution!

CyberWarrior Academy is currently accepting applications for our bootcamp. Apply today and we will contact you when our enrollment period begins.

$10.5 Trillion

Cost of Cybersecurity Crimes

The cost of cybercrime is predicted to hit $10.5 trillion by 2025, according to the latest version of the Cisco/Cybersecurity Ventures, 2022 Cybersecurity Almanac.


Open Cyber Jobs in USA

Be ready for a fulfilling career that makes a difference and provides many avenues for growth and continuous learning.


Of applicants are qualified

Get trained in Cybersecurity and enter an industry with 3,500,000 open jobs globally. No experience is necessary.

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At CyberWarrior we offer a wide range of services. Whether you are looking for Training or protection for your business from cybersecurity threats, we’ve got you covered.

Cybersecurity Training Testimonial
About Wistia

“I highly recommend the CWA security engineering program because it covers an incredible amount of material and the trainer’s knowledge and teaching strategy are excellent. Thanks to CWA, I learned how to address real-world threats and vulnerabilities. I also learned the importance of having a secure IT infrastructure in both personal and work environments”

– Rodley Rene, Information Security Engineer, Partners Healthcare