CompTIA Cloud+ Certification

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Gain the skills required to manage today’s cloud-based infraestructure.

Discover Cloud+, the ultimate course dedicated to empowering IT professionals with vital cloud security skills. Tailored to meet the needs of ambitious experts seeking mastery in deploying and automating secure cloud environments, while safeguarding mission-critical applications and data. Enroll now to elevate your cloud security expertise!


What you will learn

  1. Cloud Architecture and Design: Learn to assess various cloud models and design optimal solutions tailored to meet business needs.
  2. Cloud Security: Master server management, OS configurations, access control, and virtualization to ensure a secure cloud environment.
  3. Cloud Deployment: Acquire the skills to analyze system requirements and execute successful workload migrations to the cloud.
  4. Operations and Support: Gain expertise in maintaining and optimizing cloud environments through automation, orchestration, backup, restore operations, and disaster recovery tasks.
  5. Troubleshooting: Learn to adeptly troubleshoot capacity, automation, connectivity, and security issues associated with cloud implementations.

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Course Content

Lesson 1: Understanding Cloud Concepts

Lesson 1 of CompTIA Cloud+ introduces the fundamental concepts of cloud computing, including cloud services models, deployment models, service providers, advanced cloud services, troubleshooting methodology, and key terms.

The lesson begins by defining cloud computing and discussing the different cloud services models: IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. It then discusses the different cloud deployment models: public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, and community cloud. The lesson also introduces some of the advanced cloud services, such as blockchain, IoT, and edge computing. It concludes with an overview of the troubleshooting methodology and key terms associated with cloud computing.

Lesson 2: Planning and Designing a Cloud Environment

Lesson 2 of CompTIA Cloud+ focuses on understanding and meeting cloud business requirements. The lesson begins by introducing the importance of meeting these requirements and the significance of business requirements analysis. Students learn how business requirements can impact IT environments and how to recognize various testing techniques to ensure proper implementation.

Additionally, the lesson covers the relationship between capacity planning and business goals, with discussions on templates, licensing, user density, trend analysis, and performance and capacity planning. By grasping these concepts, learners can effectively tailor cloud solutions to meet the specific needs of businesses and optimize cloud infrastructure to deliver enhanced performance and efficiency.

Lesson 3: Administering Cloud Resources

In Lesson 3 of CompTIA Cloud+, students learn essential skills in cloud administration and resource management. The lesson covers understanding and managing subscription services, utilizing price calculators, and administering identity management for secure access.

Learners also explore provisioning cloud resources, managing cloud applications, and working with virtual machines and VM templates. The lesson delves into container administration, auto-scaling to meet demand, and post-deployment validation. Furthermore, it focuses on managing compute resources, including virtualization, provisioning CPU, GPU resources, and memory resources like dynamic memory allocation and memory ballooning.

This comprehensive lesson equips learners with the knowledge needed to handle various cloud administration tasks efficiently.

Lesson 4: Managing Cloud Storage

Lesson #4 of CompTIA Cloud+ covers various aspects of cloud storage. It begins with an introduction to the topic and sets the objectives for the lesson.

The first part of the lesson focuses on understanding different cloud storage types, including Storage as a Service (STaaS) and Software-Defined Storage (SDS). Students will also learn about storage management features such as managing user quotas and handling hyperconverged storage resources. Moving on, the lesson delves into configuring cloud storage solutions, covering storage tiers, different storage types, and Input-Output per Second (IOPS).

Lastly, students will explore cloud storage protocols and RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) management. This section includes an explanation of storage protocols, a look at SAN (Storage Area Network) storage solutions, and how to manage RAID arrays for optimal data protection and performance.

Lesson 5: Managing Networks in the Cloud

In Lesson 5 of CompTIA Cloud+, the focus is on deploying cloud network services. The lesson begins with an introduction outlining the objectives to be covered. Students learn to identify various cloud network services and become familiar with different types of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and network configurations.

The lesson delves into understanding cloud network infrastructure components, such as Virtual Routing and Forwarding, and recognizing different network appliances. Moreover, students gain insights into Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and Virtual LAN Technologies.

This lesson provides essential knowledge for effectively managing and deploying cloud-based network services, crucial for cloud computing professionals.

Lesson 6: Securing and Troubleshooting Networks in the Cloud

Lesson 6 of CompTIA Cloud+ covers securing networks in a cloud environment and troubleshooting cloud connectivity. Topics include network flow diagrams, segmentation for security, encryption protocols, log monitoring, and network troubleshooting tools. Students learn to manage configurations, recognize common issues, and resolve on-premises-to-cloud connectivity problems.

The lesson ensures learners are well-equipped to maintain a secure cloud network.

Lesson 7: Managing Cloud Migrations and Troubleshooting Cloud Deployments

In Lesson #7 of CompTIA Cloud+, the focus is on managing cloud migrations effectively. The lesson begins with an introduction to cloud migration and its objectives. It covers three main migration types and explores the four phases of cloud migration. Additionally, there are seven types of cloud migrations discussed, which include Phased Migration, Virtualization Migrations (such as P2V and V2V), Cloud-to-Cloud Migrations, Storage Migrations, and Database Migrations. The lesson also delves into troubleshooting cloud deployment and migration issues, covering areas like network connectivity and performance problems, instance configuration and performance issues, and managing vendor-related concerns.

Overall, this lesson equips learners with essential knowledge to handle cloud migrations and address potential challenges that may arise during the process.

Lesson 8: Managing Cloud Automation and Orchestration

Lesson #8 of CompTIA Cloud+ introduces the concepts of Cloud Automation and Orchestration Techniques. It covers Infrastructure as Code (laC) and how to manage automation activities effectively. Students will gain an understanding of automation and orchestration, as well as configuration management principles. The lesson also delves into the practical use of automation and orchestration tools, including container management. Additionally, version control and secure scripting best practices are discussed to ensure safe and efficient automation processes.

The latter part of the lesson focuses on troubleshooting automation and orchestration in the cloud. Topics include resolving account mismatches, addressing change management failures, handling identity changes, managing tool incompatibility or version/feature mismatches, dealing with job validation issues, and addressing patching failures effectively.

Lesson 9: Understanding Cloud Security Concepts

Lesson 9 of CompTIA Cloud+ covers various aspects of security in the cloud. The lesson introduces the concept of Identity and Access Management (IAM), which is essential for administering access to cloud resources. It covers various IAM services available in the cloud and provides insights into managing security for cloud operating systems and applications.

The lesson also emphasizes the importance of data security and compliance in the cloud, covering topics such as data loss prevention, encryption, data integrity, data classification, segmentation, access control, laws and regulations, records management, and cloud access security brokers.

Lesson 10: Managing Cloud Security

Lesson 10 of the CompTIA Cloud+ course covers the implementation of security measures in the cloud domain. It teaches learners about security management concepts, CSP and third-party vulnerability scanners, and the effects of cloud service models on security implementations. The lesson also covers troubleshooting of privilege, authentication, authorization, network and directory security, keys and certificates, and data security issues. Learners will also learn to manage misconfigured or failed security appliances, unsupported protocols and external/internal attacks.

Lesson 11: Managing Cloud Performance

Lesson #11 of CompTIA Cloud+ covers different aspects of cloud operations, including asset and change management, backup confirmations, patching, upgrading, and resource optimization. It also delves into troubleshooting common cloud performance problems such as resource utilization issues, application issues, and incorrectly configured or failed load balancing. The lesson emphasizes the importance of operating efficiently in the cloud and understanding the right-sizing concept to optimize compute resources, storage, and network. Finally, learners will learn how to configure operations dashboards and reporting to effectively manage cloud operations tasks.

Lesson 12: Managing Maintenance in the Cloud

Lesson 12 of CompTIA Cloud+ covers the topic of configuring logs, monitoring, and alerting for cloud services, as well as managing backup and restore in the cloud. The lesson covers how to configure logging, monitoring, and alerting, as well as how to understand backup types, configure backup objects, and recognize backup targets.

Lesson 13: Implementing High Availability and Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Lesson 13 of CompTIA Cloud+ introduces the concepts of High Availability (HA) and Scaling in the cloud. It covers oversubscription, hypervisors, and virtual machine HA. The lesson explains how to configure clusters, containers and applications for HA, and how to recognize network functions that provide HA. The lesson also covers regions, zones, and disaster recovery requirements, and how to write disaster recovery documentation, restore backups, and manage replication and network configurations. Finally, the lesson explains how to prepare for incident response in the cloud, how to test disaster recovery plans, and how to conduct post-incident analysis in the cloud.

Course Description

CompTIA Cloud+ is an industry-leading certification course designed to equip aspiring IT professionals and cloud administrators with the knowledge and skills required to excel in the dynamic world of cloud computing. This comprehensive course delves into the fundamental concepts, architectures, and best practices necessary to deploy, manage, and secure cloud environments efficiently.

CertMaster Practice Included

This course provides access not just to the CompTIA Cloud+ curriculum and labs, but also to the CompTIA Cloud+ CertMaster Practice, an personalized online tool for personalized knowledge assessment and training. Through adaptive questioning and feedback, you can quickly identify your strengths and areas for improvement.

Who This Course Is For 

This course is ideal for IT professionals, cloud administrators, system administrators, network administrators, and individuals looking to expand their expertise in cloud technologies.

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Suggested Pre-Course Knowledge:

  • Understanding of various network topologies, protocols, and concepts, such as TCP/IP, OSI model, and subnetting.
  • Knowledge of different types of storage devices, RAID configurations, and data backup and recovery methods.
  • Understanding of virtualization concepts, such as hypervisors, VMs, and containers.
  • Familiarity with cloud computing models, such as IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, and their benefits and drawbacks.
  • Knowledge of security concepts and technologies, such as encryption, firewalls, and access controls.
  • Understanding of DevOps practices, tools, and automation technologies, such as Ansible, Puppet, and Chef.


  • Can you provide some success statistics for past students who've taken this course?

    Absolutely. Our alumni have a track record of success, with over 85% reporting a significant career advancement within six months of certification. We also have a 92% pass rate for the CompTIA Cloud+ exam among our students, thanks to our comprehensive curriculum and hands-on approach.

  • What is the total time commitment for this course, including outside study?

    Alongside the 20 hours of live classes, we recommend dedicating an additional 10-15 hours per week for self-study, labs, and review sessions. This ensures you fully grasp the course material and are well-prepared for the certification exam.

  • How does this course prepare me for real-world IT challenges in cloud computing?

    Our course is built around practical, real-world scenarios. You'll engage in labs that simulate on-the-job tasks, and our curriculum is constantly updated to reflect the latest industry trends and technologies. This means you'll be ready to tackle actual IT challenges the day you're certified.

  • What is the return on investment with this certification, considering the cost?

    The CompTIA Cloud+ certification can significantly increase your earning potential. On average, certified professionals see a salary increase of up to 10-20% post-certification. The course fee should be viewed as an investment in your career, which pays dividends in the form of higher salaries and better job opportunities.

  • What specific support is available if I find the course challenging?

    We offer a robust support system that includes weekly office hours for one-on-one sessions with instructors, a dedicated forum for any time-of-day queries, and additional resources like study guides and practice exams. Our goal is to ensure you have all the support you need to succeed.

  • Does CyberWarrior Academy offer any post-certification career support?

    Yes, we do. Our career services include resume workshops, interview preparation, and exclusive access to job listings. We also have partnerships with leading tech companies that give our certified professionals a competitive edge in the job market.

  • Could you share some testimonials from past students?

    Of course! Our website features a range of testimonials from our graduates who've gone on to achieve great things. From landing dream jobs to securing promotions, their stories are a testament to the effectiveness of our training.

  • What exactly does your refund policy entail?

    We offer a full refund within the first week of classes if you decide the course isn't the right fit for you. We believe in the quality of our program, but we also want you to feel comfortable with your decision.

  • How is the course material aligned with the CompTIA Cloud+ exam?

    Our curriculum is designed to cover all the domains of the CompTIA Cloud+ exam comprehensively. We provide practice exams that mimic the format and style of the actual test, ensuring you're not just learning the material but also mastering the art of taking the exam.

  • What makes this course stand out from the competition?

    Our unique selling proposition lies in our hands-on approach to learning, our live instruction from industry experts, and our commitment to small class sizes for personalized attention. Additionally, our course includes access to the latest cloud technologies in our labs, ensuring you're job-ready from day one.

  • Is there a way to preview the course before I commit?

    Yes, we offer a free introductory webinar that provides an overview of the course structure, introduces you to some of our instructors, and gives you a sneak peek at the course material. This is a great way to get a feel for the course before making your decision. %91Insert link to webinar sign-up%93