Cloud Security

CyberWarrior’s team of ethical hackers and security in the cloud come in during the early stages of cloud migration planning to execute Cloud Security Roadmaps and give stakeholders actionable recommendations to safeguard data. We also conduct security assessments on production systems.

Cloud Security Roadmap

Configure Your Cloud Environment For Maximum Protection.

We make improvements to your policies without losing the controls that have been mandated by the business

Customized CSA Cloud Security Matrix based on your unique regulatory needs, architecture, and business priorities.

Analyze existing systems and workflows to identify the impact of cloud adoption, on an app by app basis.

Proof of Concept that adheres to new cloud safety policy and serves as a reference architecture for cloud migrations.

Are you overspending
on Cloud?

Our team will leverage advanced tools to analyze your architecture, consumption, and charges – we will provide a detailed report outlining immediate steps to reduce costs. All too often we see customers worried about locking down systems yet burning through cash on a day to day basis. A dollar saved is a dollar earned… who knows, maybe you can invest some of that cash in security.

What makes us unique?

White-Glove Service – Easy To Work With – The Real Deal. Our commitment to you starts with old-fashioned customer service. We take pride in our work. We value our customers and recognize you for supporting our families while giving us the opportunity to do what we love… our team doesn’t work, we simply pursue our passion. Learn more about our values here. That said, we execute consulting engagements at the highest level of quality and our deliverables are actionable and fluff-free.