Get ahead of breaches!

CyberWarrior designs and implements pragmatic cybersecurity programs.

We combine expertise in Data Science and Cybersecurity to automate your security program.

Getting breached is a modern-day horror movie and consequences to your business can be devastating: loss of clients, loss of money, loss of reputation. We can help.

CyberWarrior will assess your resilience and then design, implement, and manage cybersecurity programs that withstand modern-day threats realistically. Our services range from the development of strategic roadmaps to technical execution.

What is the True Cost for Effective Results?

While the best-performing SOCs have more employees and slightly less turnover, their cost is ever increasing. However, most organizations don’t have the resources to build out best-of-breed infrastructure and programs. In search of a solution, many organizations turn to outsourcing their SOCs with MSSPs. This report will give you an overview of how CISOs across the USA are tackling this change and the investments they are making.

How Dartmouth benefited from a Penetration Test

A security audit recently conducted for Dartmouth College identified the need for a Penetration Test. School IT executives determined that one hadn’t been conducted for several years, so this one would be a good benchmark to gauge how well the institution was protecting itself.

CyberWarrior’s technologists are extremely strong, mathematically-minded people. They have very good human skills and understood our needs at the business requirement level vs tech level at a very early stage. They asked the right kinds of questions and made recommendations that drove our project’s success which solved real business challenges.

– John Lara, Chief Information Officer, The Nexxus Group

Control who has access to your sensitive data

The task of implementing an Identity & Access Management program can seem daunting, but it is not impossible. The goal of this document is to provide the reader with best practices for a successful AIM program. These best practices are presented in the form of a high-level roadmap that goes from consensus building across the organization, project planning, to getting a solution implemented, and ultimately maintaining an up to date program that aligns with your regulatory compliance and audit needs.