HIPAA. PCI. FERPA. NIST. We have you covered.

Choose from a full array of consulting assessments including compliance engagements, findings remediation, and technical execution.

CyberWarrior go past compliance checkboxes to baseline your security posture and identify Key Risk Indicators. Our risk-based approach considers the likelihood of exploit and business impact so that you can manage your controls and policies efforts in a way that aligns with your business priorities.

The True Cost for Effective Results

Understand your security posture clearly and ensure compliance through regular security assessments . No two IT infrastructures are the same and advanced persistent threats are tailor-made to exploit the specific vulnerabilities of each individual organization. 

Getting breached is a modern-day horror movie and consequences to your business can be devastating: loss of clients, loss of money, loss of reputation. We can help.

CyberWarrior will assess your resilience and then design, implement, and manage cybersecurity programs that withstand modern-day threats realistically. Our services range from the development of strategic roadmaps to technical execution.

While the best-performing SOCs have more employees and slightly less turnover, their cost is ever increasing. However, most organizations don’t have the resources to build out best-of-breed infrastructure and programs. In search of a solution, many organizations turn to outsourcing their SOCs with MSSPs or top cybersecurity organizations.

2022 MSSP Checklist for a Scalable
Cybersecurity Workforce

Consulting Expertise

Implement and manage security programs that withstand modern-day threats.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing will assess the resilience of your company against cyber-attack and lets you find the weaknesses in your system before a malicious actor does.


A virtual CISO (vCISO) can bring both strategic and operational leadership on security to companies that can’t afford a full-time person in the role.

Identity & Access Management (AIM)

Often the Achilles heel of security programs – CyberWarrior’s proven methodology removes complexity and makes AIM adoption easier.

How Dartmouth Benefitted From a Penetration Test

A security audit recently conducted for Dartmouth College identified the need for a Penetration Test. School IT executives determined that one hadn’t been conducted for several years, so this one would be a good benchmark to gauge how well the institution was protecting itself.

CyberWarrior’s technologists are extremely strong, mathematically-minded people. They have very good human skills and understood our needs at the business requirement level vs tech level at a very early stage. They asked the right kinds of questions and made recommendations that drove our project’s success which solved real business challenges.

– John Lara, Chief Information Officer, The Nexxus Group

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Our commitment to you starts with old fashioned customer service. We take pride in our work. We value our customers and recognize you for supporting our families while giving us the opportunity to do what we love… our team doesn’t work, we simply pursue our passion. Learn more about our values here. That said, we execute consulting engagements at the highest level of quality and our deliverables are actionable and fluff-free.

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