Maximize ROI with Guidance at the Start of your IAM Initiative

IDENTITY AND ACCESS MANAGEMENT is often the Achilles heel of security programs – CyberWarrior’s proven methodology removes complexity and makes IAM adoption easier. Our team’s ability to streamline processes, software development skillset, and deep experience with identity governance will ensure your program kicks off on the right foot. We help with strategic planning, vendor selection, and the technical implementation of tools.

Faster Audits, Better Compliance

Move past the “rubber stamp” process that is now Identity and Access Management. We will automate 90% of the work and leave you with a manageable list of users and entitlements that deserve a closer look.

Process Automation

Accelerate operations and save money. Our solutions will cut the time users wait for new privileges without sacrificing security. Give managers time back in their day.

Reduce Risk

Enable proactive security by analyzing entitlements as they are created. Quickly identify users who left the company or changed roles yet old entitlements remain active.

10 Steps to a Successful IAM Program

The task of implementing an Identity & Access Management program can seem daunting, but it is not impossible. The goal of this document is to provide the reader with best practices for a successful IAM program. These best practices are presented in the form of a high-level roadmap that goes from consensus building across the organization, project planning, to getting a solution implemented, and ultimately maintaining an up to date program that aligns with your regulatory compliance and audit needs.

What makes us unique?

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Our commitment to you starts with old fashioned customer service. We take pride in our work. We value our customers and recognize you for supporting our families while giving us the opportunity to do what we love… our team doesn’t work, we simply pursue our passion. Learn more about our values here. That said, we execute consulting engagements at the highest level of quality and our deliverables are actionable and fluff-free.