Career and Technical Education for High School Students

Empower high school students with specialized cybersecurity education.

We strive to prepare them for a sustainable, rewarding, and lucrative career in the rapidly evolving world of cybersecurity. Our engaging and interactive training programs, designed exclusively for teenagers, bring immense value to high schools by bridging the talent gap and creating a lasting impact on the future tech professionals.

Empowering Teenagers with Cybersecurity Skills

In today’s digital age, cybersecurity is a critical skill. By offering training, high schools can better prepare their students for future careers and ensure they have the knowledge and skills to stay safe online. Although you may not have the expertise or resources to offer specialized cybersecurity education to your students, with CyberWarrior you can provide them with access to high-quality training and certifications explicitly tailored for teenagers.

The academy’s engaging and interactive training programs can enhance the learning experience for high school students. High schools can use CyberWarrior’s Hacking Competition to encourage teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills among their students.

Why CyberWarrior?

1. Innovative & Inclusive

Interactive content, personalized online learning pathways, videos, virtual labs, and quizzes track progress and assign certification and badges.

2. Hands-On Gamified Learning

Students earn badges while they play. In addition to CyberWarrior proprietary content, students can train towards standard industry certifications.

cybersecurity path

3. Bilingual Instructional Assistance

In addition to both English and Spanish content, CyberWarrior provides live-online bilingual instructors to support students in their learning journey

CyberWarrior Program’s Powerful Partnerships

Our Dedication to Making a Difference

A comprehensive offering of 150 courses and 300 challenges.

14 digital badges that can be stacked for credentialing.

Access to step-by-step lab guides and instructional videos.

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels.

Flexible models: In-school, after-school, and summer camps.

What Will Students Learn?

Professional Skills

Problem Solving

Making Games

Unyielding Tenacity

Creative Thinking

Youth Program

Three Levels of Engagement

In-school Courses

Incorporate cybersecurity into the current computer science curriculum with the help of CWA mentors, who will work alongside the school’s own staff to deliver the program.

Afterschool Clubs

Expand students’ knowledge in a relaxed setting while emphasizing team building and collaboration as key components of their learning experience.

CTF Competitions

Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions with other teams/schools are a proven learning model that fosters curiosity, problem-solving skills, and continuous engagement in cybersecurity.

Stackable Credentials

Early College Credits

Our program has been validated by MA and US Department of Higher Education, allowing enables students to earn college credit while preparing for their future careers.

cybersecurity path

Badges & Credentials

As students earn badges, their skills are further verified, leading to increased motivation to pursue ongoing learning.

cybersecurity path

Industry Certifications

Young individuals receive training and preparation to take standard industry certifications like CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+.

Gamified Learning Platform

Our training software seamlessly merges legacy CTF functionality with on-demand content and hands-on lab environments, empowering students to learn and practice simultaneously, thus expediting skill development. What sets us apart is that our platform is compatible with Chromebooks, eliminating the need for personal computer ownership or tool installations, making it accessible to underserved youth reliant on school-provided devices.

Hands-On Practice Labs

Gain Validated Training & Certifications: Our badges are structured around industry certifications and specific job roles within the NICE framework. With expert-built labs, the skills acquired are relevant and aligned with industry needs.

Self-Paced & On-Demand: Integrated lectures and labs ensure concepts are mastered. Warriors advance through the platform as badges are earned.

Learn by Contributing and Teaching: Warriors can take an active role in the learning process by designing new courses, developing labs, and launching challenges. Curated content may even be validated for credentialing (badge).

Competition Driven Learning

Capture the Flag Competitions: CTFs are challenges that foster curiosity and problem-solving skills. CTFs allow for continuous engagement while retaining Warrior motivation via its competitive format for individuals and/or teams.

Real-World Scenarios: As Warriors advance beyond foundational skills, they are presented challenges that test offensive security skills while others assess incident response capabilities.

Collaborative Learning: Curated and monitored community allows for exchange of ideas, knowledge, and support to keep members motivated.