More than any of us, teenagers are on the front lines of the risks and the rewards of an online world. Their passion for tech, games and other online activities make parents worry, but we should remember that their passion is also a primer for learning, training and possibly a high-paying career down the road.

What can you do to tap into their online lives? You can give them the right tools to learn cybersecurity skills and explore the cool things that can be done with technology!

Turn their love for video games into a career pathway!

Instead of pulling teens away from what they enjoy, the CyberWarrior Academy afterschool program channels that passion and helps to uncover if a High-Tech career is on the horizon! There are 3,500,000 open Cybersecurity jobs across the globe and Cybersecurity leaders make over $1,000,000 USD per year. As the saying goes, “if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life!”. CyberWarrior Academy is the bridge.

Kickstart your teenager’s journey to discovering the technology industry, and develop a passion for tech at a young age. The long-term benefits are immeasurable.

What will students learn?

Career Skills

Problem Solving

Making Games


Creative Thinking

Cybersecurity – Programming – Live – Interactive – Fun – Designed for Teenagers!

Cryptography is for Everyone

The Language of Hackers

If you have seen a spy or war movie, you have seen cryptography. It is everywhere in our day-to-day digital lives. It is also a fundamental piece of cybersecurity. In this session you will get your hands dirty with the history of cryptography as well as the use of cryptography in the modern, cyber world. Even parents would love this interactive learning experience. Teens will have a blast!

Summer 2021

Introduction to Python

A Foundation to Learn Programming and Cybersecurity

Python is a programming language that is rooted in Cybersecurity training. If you want a career in cybersecurity or simply want to learn how to hack into games, then this session is a must. It is fun and interactive.

Summer 2021

The Art of Hacking Video Games

A Fun Way to Build Foundational Skills in Cybersecurity

You love gaming. You spend hours gaming. Sometimes you win but usually you lose. Through this session you will learn how to hack games and also how they are protected. And when you do, you will be a hero among your gaming friends and at the same time, learn cybersecurity skills.

Summer 2021

Conquer Your Digital World Through Hacking

How Gaming, Math, and Cybersecurity are all connected

If you know how to hack a website or a video game, you are on your way to learning now to prevent hacking and potential cyber threats. This session makes it fun to learn things like math, variables, and more foundational cyber skills. Through hands-on programming, web applications, and hacking concepts, you will learn what being a cyber expert is all about!

Summer 2021

We introduce teenagers to the digital world!


Summer 2021


Our youth program combines live instructors with self-paced labs.


Ideal for teenagers from 13 to 17 yo.


4 days. 2.5 hours per day. Tuesday through Friday.

Help Increase Access & Opportunity

Our company was founded as a vehicle to drive social impact and economic empowerment. We deliver on that vision by investing our corporate resources into social enterprises that increase opportunity and economic mobility for people of all backgrounds via training, mentorship, and technology.

– Reinier Moquete CEO, CyberWarrior

Learn more about our social impact at The CyberWarrior team has a long and well documented history of empowering youth via STEM education programs. This passion is born out of our own life experiences and commitment to paying it forward. We fulfill this mission via CyberWarrior Foundation, a 501c3 certified non-profit that provides free Cybersecurity career training and educational resources to both youth and adults.

If you buy one or more of our classes today, you are already helping us provide education to underserved and at-risk populations. But if you don’t buy a class or program, you can still help. Please contribute today and help us protect the country and world from cyber-attacks while also helping provide enrichment opportunities to youth who have historically been left on the economic sidelines. Thank you!

Why CyberWarrior Academy?

Training and Resources to Both Youth and Adults

CyberWarrior Academy better understands in-demand skills than legacy training organizations – we are the industry. We have the credibility when talking to employers and Cybersecurity leaders, agility and the human capital to be current and relevant. As practitioners, we live the realities and challenges of protecting customers’ data and infrastructure.