6 Benefits of Cybersecurity Online Training

by | Jul 1, 2021

In past blogs, we have talked about the huge need for talent in cybersecurity and the many benefits this career entails for those who decide to follow this path. But what about the training needed to succeed in this field? If you are considering making a career change or starting in cybersecurity, you will probably wonder where and what is the best way to get started. Today, we want to guide you through learning cybersecurity online. What it means, what you can expect, and the benefits against a classroom filled with people. 

Cybersecurity Online Training

Now that we finally see the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, you can wonder why we suggest taking online classes when you can finally go and sit in a room filled with people (taking all social distancing precautions). The truth is that online studying does have enormous advantages from the traditional experiences, we will review them in detail later in this post, but to name a few, we can say that not only the investment is lower, but it is more flexible, it allows you to work at the same time, and you can enroll in classes around the world without relocating.  

Now that we have cleared this out, we want to share some insights that can help you understand what it actually looks like to learning cybersecurity online.  

The first thing we need to say is that there are different options out there, but most of them not only will share your instructors’ recordings but will require your live presence in class. That way, you will have the chance to ask questions as soon as they arise, you will be able to meet and create relationships with your instructors and classmates and grow your network, and the fact that you have everyone online watching each other makes you have a stronger commitment to complete assignments and understand the lectures. It is a highly competitive experience.  

At the same time, you need to know that almost every cybersecurity training will give you assignments to complete after hours. They can be independent and/or group assignments that may be practical or written, ranging from writing to programming. But the fact is that you will need to set some weekly hours to complete them.  

One last word of advice here is that it is a strategic approach to learn the basic industry terms before starting classes when you are new to a field. This will make the experience less overwhelming and make the new content you are receiving in the class feel more familiar. Also, try reading cybersecurity news and blogs, following influencers, and set your mind to feel comfortable with this new world for you.  

Benefits of Online Classes 

As we mentioned before, there are different reasons why enrolling in an online program can actually work better for you. Here, we highlight the ones we believe are the most attractive: 

1- Online Classes Cost Less  

Let’s be honest, enrolling in college can cost you a lot of money. Not only will you have to pay for classes, but all the extra expenses that come along (dorm, textbooks, extracurricular activities, and so on). An online program will help you save money, as you will only be paying for the credits you are working to earn, so there would not be extra costs associated with it.   

2- Teaches In-Demand Skills 

A good program gives you theoretical and practical experience, but it goes far beyond and teaches you how to master soft or human skills to help you succeed in the field. For example, attending an Online Cyber Security Bootcamp and Certification program will help you develop attention to detail, passion for learning, responsibility, teamwork, and others.  

3- No Need For Transportation 

When you take online classes, you can do it from work, home, or wherever you are. You need a working Wi-Fi connection and your computer to log into the video conference program, and that’s it. Then, you are ready to dive into a world filled with knowledge. There is no need to run from one place to another, commute, spend hours in traffic, or look for a ride to college. Plus,  the bright side of this is that all the hours you save from the back and forth to classes can be spent on your assignments and training. 

4- Easier Access to Your Instructors 

When attending an in-person class, you will mostly be able to communicate with your teachers or instructors in the halls before and after class or by actively participating in their lectures. However, in an online program, there will be different resources for you to reach them, there will be, of course, the class hours and the chat window in the video conference platform you use, but additionally, you will have email exchanges and a different chatroom for you to ask questions directly.  

5- Locations Are Not an Issue 

If you want to enroll in college or university, you are most likely to look for those near you, or you will have to relocate to someplace new and closer to your education option. But, with an online class, there is no need to move as you can access classes anywhere around the country and even the world. With just one click, you can access a vast array of training options, including our Online Cyber Security Bootcamp and Certification, to help you become a better cybersecurity professional.

6- You Can Work And Study 

One of the most attractive features of an online program is that it gives you enough flexibility to get a full-time or part-time job while you are enrolled. With this type of program, you will save time from going back and forth to classes, and you are most likely to choose a schedule that fits your routine. Just be mindful that this will require a lot of self-discipline, so you don’t get lost in all the assignments, study time,  your work, and your personal life.

Do not let the prospect of returning to normal life deter you from enrolling in an Online Cyber Security Bootcamp and Certification. In fact, it may be the best option for you, your life, and your career. The myths around online studying have been debunked thanks to the pandemic year.   


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