A Journey to Cybersecurity: Edwin Chofong’s Story

by | Feb 10, 2023

As we continue celebrating Black History Month, we would like to spotlight Edwin Chofong, a prime example of the many talented African Americans making a significant impact in the cybersecurity industry. He is now a data consultant at Loginsoft, an emerging IT solutions company located in Chantilly, Virginia. But he forged his path in this industry as a proud graduate of CyberWarrior Academy’s first cybersecurity bootcamp.

Edwin is a former active-duty member of the United States Marine Corps, so he faced the daunting challenge of transitioning from military life to the civilian world. But he found his calling in the exciting and rapidly growing field of cybersecurity.

With most of his skills not directly transferable to most careers, Edwin was searching for a new career path that would be compatible with his background. That’s when a friend introduced him to cybersecurity and CyberWarrior Academy. And since then, he has never looked back. “When I made that decision, I’ve never regretted it,” he says.

By enrolling in CyberWarrior’s comprehensive cybersecurity bootcamp, he transformed his skills and set himself on a fulfilling and impactful career in the tech industry.

Training to Succeed in the Cyber World

Edwin’s journey at CyberWarrior Academy started right at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the challenges of learning in an online environment, Edwin found the experience to be enriching, and he was able to make the most of it thanks to the support and guidance of the instructors.

“The instructors understand the skill level and background of each student and work with you one-on-one to ensure you understand the concept and implement it in the practical sessions,” Edwin said. “And I had that support throughout the course, which has given me the courage to be marketable out there,”

Even after graduation, Cyber Warrior Academy supported Edwin by providing career guidance and ensuring he found a job. “They don’t forget about you, even when you’re done with the program, they make sure they have a one-on-one with you until you find a job,” said Edwin. “CyberWarrior is the place to be. If you have that opportunity, don’t let it go.”

His Journey to Cybersecurity

Edwin’s story is a testament to the importance of cybersecurity education and training. It is a great field for those in career transition. Edwin, like others. can start fresh and be successful in a new career. With technology driving everything in the world, the opportunities in the field of cybersecurity are only growing.

According to Edwin, 80% of the skills he learned at Cyber Warrior Academy are transferable to his current career. From utilizing batch processes to building software applications to leveraging his networking skills.

Edwin’s journey to cybersecurity was not without its challenges, as he learned new concepts and honed his skills through hard work and determination.

He encourages others to follow in his footsteps and join cybersecurity, as it allowed him to have a new life. In Edwin’s own words, “The best time to get into cybersecurity is now.”