6 Tips for a Successful Career Change

by | Jan 1, 2023

As we start this year, you have likely started working on your resolutions and goals for 2023. Some of you might consider changing jobs, perhaps even from the industry. According to recent stats, at least 52% of US employees are considering making a career change.

While there might be different reasons for you to consider these goals, the fact is that the best moment to do it is now. And why is that? Because you are already experiencing disruption at your current job, what has been working for you for the past years is no longer making you feel happy, inspired, or motivated. Additionally, the pandemic has demonstrated how quickly things can change and how humans have a way of adapting.

There will be no sign or excuse valid enough to convince you to make the change you have been dreaming of. It’s a matter of taking the time and strength to do it. It will not be easy, but there are ways to help you through this path and keep you focused on your goal.

Tips For A Successful Career Change

1- Always Answer the Question, “Why Do I Want to Do This?”

In the past, people had jobs for life. They started working in an organization and spent all their productive years there. Nowadays, this is not happening. People constantly look for new jobs, roles, challenges, and growth opportunities. It does not matter if it’s with your top competitor.

But before you decide on something as important as a career change, you need to take a step back and think about why you want to do it. Don’t let the fact that you are angry or tired of your current situation or responsibilities drive your decisions.

You don’t want this situation to repeat a couple of years from now. So, understanding the why will help you have a more precise panorama of where you want to go next.

2- Understand What You Want to Do Next

Now that you have a clear idea of why you want to change your career, you need to invest time to figure out precisely what you want to do. We strongly suggest you invest some time reading about the most demanded jobs, but also consider essential details such as your most vital skills. If you have contacts that can open doors to different opportunities in areas you are considering, it is more probable that you will make a successful transition.

3- Have a Clear Understanding of What it’s Going to Take

Passion is never enough to make a career change. It will help if you completely understand what it takes to get a job in that field. Do you need to get certifications? Which ones? Is there any particular class you need to take? What hard skills does an ideal candidate have? How much money do you have to invest in completing your training?

4- Create Your Action Plan

Once you have found the answers to all these questions, you need to build your action plan. Don’t forget to set out, in writing, your main goal and the timeframe in which you want to achieve it.

Then, start writing down your weekly tasks. Be reasonable. Don’t try to achieve everything in just a couple of weeks. You will be learning something new. It would be best if you gave yourself enough time to understand everything and put it into practice.

5- Start Building Your Network

At the same time, we suggest you start building your network in that area. Sign up for live or online events. Connect with industry leaders on LinkedIn and Twitter. Ask them for advice, tips, and recommendations so you can start on the right foot in your new career.

Remember, networking is not something you do in one day. Building solid and meaningful relationships with each person you connect with take time.

6- Set Aside a Budget

Like any other project, this one will require time and money. So do the math and set aside a budget to complete all the required training needed to get a job in the field. Consider classes and bootcamps, event tickets, certification costs, books and study materials, and maybe even software.

Don’t let the fear keep you from stepping into a brighter and better future.

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