5 Reasons Why to Upskill a Cybersecurity Team

by | Nov 22, 2022

In recent years, cybersecurity has become an issue with a lot of weight and value for all companies worldwide, adding much more importance to the protection of assets and the preservation of computer systems of each of these large, medium, and small companies. With this, the need to build an efficient cybersecurity team that is aware of the latest trends in the technological aspect has become a palpable necessity and one that perhaps many are overlooking, without thinking about the collateral damage that this type of neglect in the development of the cybersecurity team can represent. Before explaining the approach to improving a cybersecurity team, we must remember that in cybersecurity there are two primary teams: Red and blue, so the approach presented in this article is for both parts, as they make up the cybersecurity team of a company.

Here are 5 reasons why it is important to upskill a cybersecurity team:

Increased threats: Over time, attackers have added certain levels of complexity to their attacks; now with the rise of artificial intelligence, attacks are becoming more sophisticated and the time to mitigate them is extended, and this is just one of the biggest and most well-known technologies to hit the market, so attacks can be automated in a way that perhaps many IT professionals haven’t seen in so long.

Increasing vulnerabilities: As technology grows, vulnerabilities grow with it. Each new system, each new program, each new device, once introduced to the market, can bring vulnerabilities from the factory or can be evaluated and subsequently find more vulnerabilities, which can probably be exploited en masse if there is no care on the part of users and suppliers. With this, we must remember that every process and task in human life is becoming automated, including businesses and companies, causing the field of vulnerabilities (and potential vulnerabilities) to grow constantly.

Increase of tools: Along with the growth of major technologies, the technological tools used for various purposes are updated or otherwise elaborated with the user’s needs. Neither defenders nor attackers are exempt from this. In the world of cybersecurity, the arsenal of tools for system protection and vulnerability testing has been increasing, so it is necessary to have knowledge of these tools and know how to apply them in the right context and that is more efficient.

Demand for skills: For the previous reasons stated we have already started to see the need for increased knowledge. As technology is subject to new changes, it is important for a cybersecurity team to be up to date with the information they handle in terms of vulnerabilities, current threats and new tools that appear in the landscape. A team with outdated information is a vulnerability for any company.

Teamwork: Although last on the list, teamwork is the channel for all the assignments of each role to function properly. A high level of responsibility must be maintained in terms of the decisions that are made in a defined circumstance, as well as an environment in which each member can give their opinion without any kind of obstacle due to the relationships that are maintained among all. It may be a team with the necessary capacity and knowledge, but it is not functional if its members do not work on communication and the development of productive fellowship. All this is reflected in the result, so the power of teamwork and harmony among its members should never be ignored. Peace is what all warriors strive for.

With these points in mind, it is necessary to meditate on the importance of investing in the development of cybersecurity professionals, whose skills are in ever-increasing demand. A single warrior with obsolete knowledge cannot win a war; if an army is prepared with the right tactics and equipment, the chances of winning increase exponentially. To avoid Cybersecurity burnout, which is a reality among professionals in the field, it is good and essential to create and upskill an efficient team.